Remember Mike Brown on his Birthday and Continue the Struggle!


On August 9, 2014, the precious life of Michael Brown, Jr. was stolen by bullets fired from the pistol of racist pig, Darren Wilson, in an unjust, unwarranted, and essentially racist murder, a scenario that is all too well known to members of the Black and Brown oppressed nations in this prisonhouse of nations called the United States of America. Equally as well known are the lies that came out of pig Wilson’s mouth after he did his deed, portraying Brown as a “thug” and a “demon”, and claiming self-defense. The broad masses of Ferguson, a working class suburb in the Northern area of Saint Louis County, didn’t go for this story, nor did we anywhere else. Mike Brown did nothing wrong. Trayvon Martin did nothing wrong. Vonderrit Myers did nothing wrong. Kajieme Powell did nothing wrong. Sandra Bland did nothing wrong. The wrong lies, 150%, with the system that continues to snatch the lives of our brothers and sisters for simply being black. The masses of black people in the United States constitute an oppressed nation, as do the people commonly called Chicano/Latino. This was a racist police murder committed by a racist pig, nothing less. That day marked the beginning of a militant and mass struggle and movement that radically changed the face of Ferguson, the metropolitan Saint Louis area, and the United States as a whole, as the masses of people in Ferguson and Saint Louis rose up in rebellion against not just this murder, but against the pig system as a whole.!/fileImage/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/16x9_620/michael-brown-protests.jpg

The masses rise up in struggle and voice antagonism against the police and the police state.

The history of Ferguson is that of a sundown town, a whites only area where black youth such as Brown were not allowed to be after dark lest they be beaten, shot, or arrested. Demographics and census reports show that the city had a demographic shift in the past few decades, and is now a majority black city, with the 2010 census showing that the city is 67% black and 30% white, with other ethnic groupings rounding out the rest of the population. Despite members of the oppressed black nation making up a majority of the population, the police department and the city government are solidly in the hands of white people, many of whom do not even reside in Ferguson. This apartheid style setup is reproduced across the North Saint Louis County region, with cities such as Jennings, Pine Lawn, Country Club Hills, Florissant, Hazelwood, Spanish Lake, and Cool Valley having the same makeup and order of things. These municipalities are funded by a system of crushing fines that bleed residents dry, assigning $500 to $1,000 fines for such as “littering” and “manner of walking along roadway”. This crooked and exploitative system is enforced by the police. Judges and prosecutors in these municipalities have no ties to the broad masses and behave towards them as enemies, residing in wealthy suburbs and commuting in to wreak their havoc and commuting out to spend the people’s money. Exemplary of this trend was hypocrite pig judge Ronald Brockmeyer, who bled the people while owning three properties and taking vacations to Walt Disney World while the people sit in jail at his hands. The predatory night court system and other such things abused and drove the masses into poverty, jail, and unemployment. Essentially, the people of Ferguson and other areas of North Saint Louis County are parasitized, exploited and ground down to feed the well watered lawns and boutique shops of Western suburbs such as Saint Charles and Chesterfield. Darren Wilson, Ronald Brockmeyer, and other functionaries in the police and civic governments are leeches. Such was the way of life for the masses of people in Ferguson at the afternoon of August 9, 2014. The people had enough, and brother Brown’s murder was the spark that lit the prairie fire. Reactionaries and pigs in Ferguson, Saint Louis, and the country did not sleep well after that night, nor should they! Nobody should sleep well after washing their hands in the blood of the people. After August 9th, masses of people organized, forged links with each other, and united to struggle against the police, the pig system, and the reactionaries that defended them. This struggle was sharpened by the police assassinations of Kajieme Powell in North Saint Louis City on August 19, and Vonderrit Meyers on October 8th. This struggle continued in militant form all throughout 2014 and into 2015, all over the country. It still continues. The subsequent clearing of these officers on all charges, failures to indict, and general confirmation and expression of the fact that, as far as Amerikkka is concerned, Black lives don’t matter (and they never have mattered to the enemy) deepened the contradictions and sharpened the rage felt by the masses of the people, and militant struggle was continued, with several mass leaders, particularly working class women and non-men, coming to the forefront and organizing resistance in the name of those who were stolen from us. The first year anniversary of Michael Brown’s murder was commemorated by mass highway shutdowns and other militant demonstrations and actions across the Saint Louis metropolitan area, and subsequent Gestapo style police retaliation and arrest. On his 20th birthday, we see how the struggle continues to change, new developments continue to occur, and the consciousness/militancy of the masses of people on whom development of history rests continues to develop and rise.


The environment post August 9, 2014 was ripe for the the rebirth of revolutionary organizations already present, and the creation of organizations of a new type for our city, such as PYOSTL, a revolutionary mass organization with the purpose of uniting revolutionary youth in Ferguson and the entire Saint Louis Metropolitan area for militant struggle and organization against our oppression. Since the theft of the life of Michael Brown, more and more people demand revolutionary systemic change, have grown to view the presence of the police in our communities with just scorn and antagonism, and have realized that the masses are the motive force in the making of history. Many have come to realize the indisputable fact that the police and other enemies that seek to wash their hands in our blood, exploit us, incarcerate us en masse, or otherwise stand in the way of our development and struggle to victory as a class and as a people will not vanish or cease killing of their own accord. They must be made and hounded to doom, by any means necessary. In the name of Mike Brown, in the name of Kajieme Powell, in the name of Emmett Till, in the name of Vonderrit Myers, in the name of Freddy Grey, in the name of Eric Garner, in the name of Sandra Bland, in the name of countless black transfolks, in the name of Trayvon Martin, unite all that can be united and struggle for revolution! Organize and build struggle! Remember and fight for Mike Brown! It won’t stop until we stop it!


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