STL: Dump Trump On His Ass, For His Crimes and For His Class!

The United States and the world woke up last Wednesday to a major political upset. The fascist, Donald Trump, he who united all sorts of white nationalist, racist, sexist, anti-people elements behind his candidacy, was elected President of the United States. What does this mean, actually, for real people living their lives day to day in our city? It means benefit cuts to feed the rich. It means hate crimes, by the dozen, hundred and thousand. It means more police brutality, more suppression and oppression of our undocumented comrades, it means an emboldened reactionary presence on our streets. Trump’s election and impending inauguration as President of the United States requires us, progressive and revolutionary minded people in this city and across the country, to face hard facts, to cast away all illusions of possible peace under Trump or any other American president, and prepare for militant and hard struggle.


Illusions. They’re dangerous at this stage. Illusions in our movement, even more so. People who risk being beaten, shot, deported, or arrested in Trump’s America have no time for and can not afford “Peace Trumps Love” rallies, or to shake hands with the police, or to march endlessly in circles at “peaceful protests”. History shows us that any reactionary system, nevermind fascism, capitalism, and imperialism, falls only when people hit it, and hit it hard. To hit hard, we must be prepared and organized. Pushing peace and love at this critical and dangerous point are not revolutionary. Pushing electoral involvement is not revolutionary. What is revolutionary is to organize our workplaces, schools, and communities against fascism, to look out for, serve, and protect our neighbors, colleagues, peers and families in an organized fashion. In Saint Louis, our houseless and working poor comrades face oppression in a rapidly gentrifying downtown, and the Delmar Divide is going to sharpen and grow worse. Pig Chief Sam Dotson has declared war on the houseless, saying that people should not offer them tangible material assistance, and two key links in serving our city’s houseless or housing insecure population, the Bridge STL and New Life Evangelistic Center, have closed their doors. Drug overdoses in this area are spiking. Comrades who have attempted to work with the masses downtown have faced harassment and repression from the city’s police force. At UMSL, half of all students are food insecure, because of a food monopoly on campus and the fact that use of EBT cards is not allowed. The police continue to kill and attack our people, in Maryland Heights a couple weeks ago a black person was beaten mercilessly for nothing whatsoever. Gentrifiers continue to feel comfortable and safe on Washington Avenue downtown. All of these situations require organized, militant responses and militant action, not just to respond, but to build mass power against organized pig power. Across the country, and here as well, militant actions and demonstrations against this deadly order of things have taken place, and will continue to do so. Students are coming out of school, workers are coming out of work to rebel and take the streets. There has been a General Strike called for January 20th, country wide, and there is also a movement to declare campuses sanctuary areas for undocumented students. As fascism bares its claws and puffs itself up, we must as well. PYO-STL is preparing to deal with these issues directly and in a tangible way. To refuse to recognize the need for militant mass organizations, capable of posing a direct material threat to those who would dare to raise a hand to any of our friends and comrades, to deal with and handle the escalating levels of struggle in this country and world, is to commit a grave and dangerous error. Protests, demonstrations, and actions are not just to demonstrate and march around in circles patrolled by peace police and clergy, with a police escort. A protest is a shutdown, a protest costs the enemy money, a protest is a show of force and a threat. Those who take it upon themselves to organize protests and demonstrations and then call/work with the police to restrain the masses’ anger and wrath or to interfere with militant segments of the masses are, in practice, no better than the police themselves. We must reject, shame, and expose them wherever they appear. Comrades in Austin have been struggling with fascism


We call all progressive elements in Saint Louis to assemble at 2:00 PM at Shaw Park on Friday, November 25th. Black Friday stands to make Donald Trump a lot of money. We’re not going to allow this to happen. We are going to rebel, and continue to do so for the next four years and until all who dare to raise the filthy hands to the growing people’s power are knocked out.

Dump Trump On His Ass, For His Crimes and For His Class!

It Is Right to Rebel!





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