People’s Power beats Pig Power! Statement Delivered at February 17th Mobilization against Fascism

img_6096img_6097img_6101We’re here today because we recognize the growing threat of fascism and continuing threat of capitalism-imperialism, that threatens to, and will, if left unchecked, wipe out the entire human species and community. More than recognizing it, we’re here to solidify and strengthen our efforts to fight it in a big way. This is no game. This is reality. It was reality before Trump was even born, it will be reality after he is long gone, if we do not begin to think seriously about and take serious, militant, revolutionary action against this bankrupt order of things. People are dying. At Standing Rock, the masses of indigenous people who have waged a militant and beautiful struggle against imperialist plots to undermine their territorial sovereignty and independence are surrounded by pig forces, under blockade. In our own city, people are left to starve and die in the streets. At West Lake Landfill, a fire is burning that threatens to ignite nuclear waste and poison untold millions of people. Many people see Trump, isolate him and his clique, and fight solely against him, as a person. They make fun of the size of his hands, laugh at his press conferences and tweets, attend liberal demonstrations, push the “Love Trumps Hate Line”, share memes on Facebook. This does nothing constructive, it builds nothing.


Neither does trying to engage with mainstream political parties, or this system in general. That includes, especially the Democratic Party. Let us not forget that it was a Democratic administration that arrested an entire minority population and threw them into concentration camps during WWII. Let us not forget that it was Democrats who began and promoted the mass incarceration of Black and Chicano people. Let us not forget that it was under Barack Obama that we marched under a “Black Lives Matter” slogan. Let us not forget that it was under Barack Obama that we were maced, tear gassed, beaten, tortured, for daring to assert our humanity. Let us not forget that it was Barack Obama that prosecuted wars in the Middle East that have killed untold thousands of civilians. Let us not forget that it was Barack Obama that deported more immigrants than any other president. Let us not forget that it was Barack Obama and Jay Nixon, Democrats both, that filled up our streets with pig soldiers. Let us not forget that this city has been run by Democrats for 50 years. In practice, where it matters, the Democrats are no better than Republicans. These fundamental issues, the issues of land, rights, sovereignty, wages, freedom, democratic and civil rights, ending imperialism, ending exploitation and abuse of women and oppressed people, the working class, can only be settled through revolutionary war, through militant and unceasing struggle to the finish. There is no reform, no election, no handout from above that can solve the fundamental issues we face. We are here today to fight Trump, to fight fascism, to defend the rights of all of our people. People’s power beats pig power. People’s war beats pig war. The pigs are organized, and will kill us if we let them. They will not stop until we stop them. History bears this out. The Chinese people in 1949 and 1966 showed us how to deal with pigs. The Black Panther Party showed us how to deal with pigs. The Russian people in 1917 showed us how to deal with pigs. The Peruvian people showed us how to deal with pigs in the 1980s. War to the finish, war to the very end, ceaseless and tireless and merciless struggle. No peace treaty, no negotiations, no sitting down at tables with cops to decide which members of our communities will be eaten.


Progressive Youth Organization, Saint Louis is a revolutionary mass organization of a new type for our city, a break with tired old slogans, elections, offices, and business as usual. We are a revolutionary organization composed of the masses of working class youth and students of this city, united in our desire to fundamentally transform society, to replace capitalism-imperialism with the socialist system, where the working class has overthrown the pigs and capitalists and are the masters of their own fate. I’m here today to say that if any fascist, pig, reactionary, ICE agent, or other scum of the Earth dares want to lay a hand on my Chicano comrades, on any of my Muslim comrades, on any of my trans comrades, or anybody else in this pisshole of a country, they will have to pass through me. If you want to touch the brown, you have to pass through the black, and I am not afraid of prison, nor death, in opposition to this pig system. It dragged my ancestors here as slaves, exploited us, and as we speak wreaks havoc in our communities. America was never great. There has never been any justice, fairness, or equality, in this settler colonial empire. To this end, it must be destroyed, and rebuilt anew, to the people’s liking. We can scale the heights, history has shown us how it is done. Let’s get it. Join PYO. Join Serve the People, Saint Louis, a working class organization formed to provide material support to fellow members of our class, and develop leadership from our communities. Study revolution, make revolution!

Fuck Trump! Fuck Pence! Reign of Terror on the Rich!
Dump Trump On His Ass, For his Crimes and For His Class!
The People United Will Never Be Defeated!
Long Live the Resistance! Long Live the People!

Unite and Build A United Front Against Fascism! Off the Pig!


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