Summary of STL Struggle: 3/31/17



Reactionary, fascist Klansman Jeff Sessions announced plans to visit our city two days ago, to talk to the local police here and offer them better strategies to destroy our people. To this end, Progressive Youth Organization and other democratically minded/progressive elements, including Socialist Alternative, a local anti-fascist group (GSTL-161), RESIST-STL, and various unaffiliated individuals from our city’s queer, Muslim, African, and other oppressed communities made plans for an emergency demonstration at the federal courthouse downtown, to demonstrate the facts that we are not afraid of or intimidated by reactionaries, that we are not afraid to struggle and will win, and that we are able to form and present a United Front against fascism, xenophobia, queerphobia, racism, misogyny, and capitalism. Naturally, liberal vultures and opportunists, nearly white, also saw an opportunity to come and spew their ridiculous conspiracy theories about Russians controlling the United States government, and dared to try to organize a response. We are clear: we reject the Democratic Party and their ceaseless merry-go-round of kick the can down the road, swallow movements, lie to and swindle the people. They are not the resistance, we and our comrades are. We oppose Sessions and Trump because they are fascists, they are racists, they are enemies. Not because they aren’t Democrats. To hell with both parties and their partisans.


Fuck the System, Fuck the State, America was Never Great!

The action at the courthouse today was in conjunction with an action by comrades from Soul Much Water and SoulFire Caravan at the West Lake Landfill. West Lake Landfill is a dump site in Bridgeton that contains Manhattan Project era radioactive waste, and a garbage fire. This fire, if it comes into contact with this waste, will cause serious illnesses and force thousands of people to leave their homes. Already, hundreds of people who live in Bridgeton are at risk for or have contracted several kinds of cancers and other rare and deadly diseases because of this waste. The negligence of the local, state and federal government in dealing with these things is due to this being a poor, working class and heavily oppressed area. This is a class issue, this is a race issue, this is an environmental issue. To this end, the comrades chained themselves to 50 pound buckets of concrete, blocked both entrances to the site, and as of 5:30 PM, are still there, tying up the pigs’ time and resources. The foolish pigs, the ones that Sessions came here to speak with, took hours to crack even one container of concrete. They also placed a trans man in the incorrect area of the transport, and a comrade on the ground there says that the assistant police chief refused to engage when criticized on this point. This is yet more proof that pigs are enemies of trans people and all other oppressed people, and will happily murder or expose to harm. The spirit of “Dare to Struggle, Dare to Win” was clear and apparent at the landfill today, and we salute these comrades for their daring stand for the environment and the welfare of the people of Bridgeton. At the courthouse, a comrade of Socialist Alternative was snatched by the pigs for simply standing on the steps, “taxpayer funded” property, mind you, that the pigs tell us “belongs to us”, and refusing to move when the pig ordered him to. This was an intimidation tactic, snatch one, scare a couple dozen. Pigs that can’t even find the dozens of missing black girls in this city snatched a comrade for daring to look at them. Cowards. Didn’t work. He was snatched inside the courthouse and threatened with federal charges. This was followed by struggle between the militant bloc and the liberal, Democratic contingent that disgraces every demonstration with their presence. The Democrats surrendered, called one of our comrades an “asshole” who “ruins everything”, and scattered back to their gentrified lofts on Washington Avenue and McMansions in Chesterfield. What a loss! The militant line won out, and we took the steps. Revolutionary chants instead of tired old “This is what Democracy Looks Like”. Calls to release the comrade. Calls for community. Calls against fascism. People speaking bitterness and refusing to leave. Comrades insulting the pigs. Motorists honking their horns in support. This is what we had. This is what we need. This is what we will continue to have. Reporters from the reactionary Saint Louis Post-Dispatch newspaper were stonewalled, the people still remember their reactionary role in Ferguson and the recent LGBTQI* march, when they released names of arrested comrades and put them in harms’ way. The comrade has been released. Sessions was smuggled in and out through a back door, like the cowardly Klansman he is. The sharply dressed, monied pigs scattering in and out the doors of the courthouse received a big surprise, though.


Pigs getting a workout at the landfill.

Sessions came here to discuss the drug problem. The crime problem. The problems in our communities are there, sure. But Sessions and the pigs cannot solve them. Only we can. The Black Panther Party realized this, and went out to solve their own problems, in their own communities, themselves. The police have nothing to offer us but death and destruction. We don’t talk to them. We don’t engage with them. We don’t like them. They are an occupying force, and they need to be disarmed, defunded, and disbanded. We can solve our problems in our own communities, we don’t need you. Get out, and stay out. If you come back in the summertime, we’ll have a larger welcoming committee and it probably won’t be as…nice as it was today. Might want to ask your boss about his visit here in March of last year.


CORRECTION: The arrested comrade was not black, but white. We apologize for this error and appreciate the comrade’s clarification.


2 thoughts on “Summary of STL Struggle: 3/31/17

  1. Thank you for this piece, comrades. Just one small correction: I was the one arrested, and I’m not black, but white. My girlfriend, who was present as well, is black.


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