1. We want community control of all community colleges, universities, technical and trade schools and public high schools as a form of reparations for slavery, colonialism and imperialism and the opening-up of them for use by the community. We want the abolition of all Boards of Trustees.

2. We want guaranteed admission to every Saint Louis school for all poor, working-class and oppressed-nationality students, the abolition of systematically exclusive and objectively racist, classist and generally anti-people admission practices (e.g. placement exams, standardized tests) and an end to all forms of tuition and fees.

3. We want a democratic and scientific education system to replace the current reactionary, bourgeois, undemocratic, white-supremacist patriarchal capitalist education system. We want an education that exposes the true exploitation and oppression of the United States of America, informs us of our true history as oppressed and dispossessed nationalities and prepares us to struggle for collective liberation.

4. We want administrators and teachers who harass, threaten and punish students for political organizing to be removed immediately. We want teachers who suppress progressive and revolutionary ideas to be removed. We want the abolition of all policies that prevent political organizing and the expression of political dissent by students, faculty and staff.

5. We want an end to police brutality, harassment and intimidation in our communities. We want all police to be permanently banned from Saint Louis high schools and universities. We want any security or defense force to be controlled by and made up of members of the community.

6. We demand all of the measures that materially improve our study and living conditions, such as childcare, healthy food, transportation, tutoring, remedial classes, sports facilities, healthcare and housing.

7. We want to transform the schools into centers for promoting national consciousness, developing women’s/queer/oppressed nationality/working class leadership and providing students with skills to serve our communities. We want to transform the schools into base areas for advancing all of the peoples’ struggles for liberation. We want all Saint Louis secondary schools to be tools for achieving these goals.

8. We demand an end to the presence of bourgeois, white supremacist cliques known as fraternities on Saint Louis campuses. These groups are well known for promoting violent, racist, anti-people behavior, sexual assaults, unfair and undemocratic domination of campuses, and generally perpetuating unjust systems and practices.

9.) We demand an end to all ROTC/ROTC/US Military recruitment on campuses, especially those where the majority of the student body is of oppressed nationality status. The students and broad masses of Saint Louis will not continue to perpetuate a system of capitalist-imperialism or offer up their bodies as sacrifices to be run through the wringer and risk life and limb, only to return home without a place to live and no food to eat or clothes to wear. We are anti-imperialists, that means the USA out of other countries, unconditionally.