Points of Unity




  • We are an anti-imperialist organization. Imperialism, the exploitation of the world’s peoples, the division of the world’s lands and resources among the very few ultra-wealthy elite individuals, corporations, and countries, the extraction of resources from the third world to feed the first, and the enslavement of oppressed and colonized nations both in the United States and overseas is the primary contradiction, or problem, in the world today. More specifically, American imperialism is the number one enemy of the world’s people. We who live in the belly of the beast seek to assist our comrades overseas by working tirelessly to damage and destroy American imperialism.




  • We are a self-sufficient organization. We are not funded by any nonprofit, governmental agency, or private foundation. African revolutionary leader Thomas Sankara taught us that “the one who feeds you, controls you”. Our support, material or otherwise, comes from our membership and comradely organizations. We do not ask for or seek anything from the masses of people. On the contrary, we conduct programs such as setting up Little Red Gardens and distribution of essentials such as school supplies, food, and other essentials to not only help our communities but lay the foundations for growing people’s power in our city. Distributing food is not the be all, end all, however. The development of red political power in Saint Louis is not coming about through simple redistribution of food and clothing. If this was the case, churches would run the city.




  • We are a working class organization. The proletariat, or the class that owns nothing but its labor and is forced to sell our time for a wage, is the class that is destined to overthrow capitalism-imperialism. Why? Because it is the class that has nothing to lose, and it is the progressive class, or the class under whose control humanity as a species will advance to the next highest level. The capitalist class is a dying class, and the proletariat is who will kill it. The proletariat must take the guiding role in the revolution that we are building for, and without the proletariat running things in our organization, we will not be making revolution the way that we should. We welcome and organize students on college campuses as well, but the main thing for students is to be proletarianized, or to be among the proletariat, accept its leadership, and work in proletarian neighborhoods to have their outlook and view on life changed. The student movement is limited because students aren’t a class, and we are a class struggle organization.




  • We put our theory into practice. Without revolutionary theory and ideology, there can be no revolutionary movement. But without revolutionary practice, there can be no revolutionary theory! We don’t just sit around and debate theory. We study theory and conduct political education classes so that we can apply these theories in our day to day lives and serve the people better. Furthermore, by analyzing our actions and programs over the long term, and summarizing them, we can produce new theory.




  • We uphold and seek to develop self-defense for our communities. We don’t call cops. We don’t trust cops to defend us. The example set by the Black Panther Party, Brown Berets, Young Lords, and other groups that came about as vanguards for oppressed nationality and working class white people teach us where political power comes from and who we can rely on. Ourselves, armed and trained in the use of arms. We don’t need pigs in our community. We don’t want pigs in our community. We encourage and unite with all elements in our communities to build up people’s self defense power and take full advantage of the limited rights extended to us by the pig order to protect ourselves and our people, at demonstrations, at home, and on the street. The events that happened in Charlottesville will not repeat here. We also seek to build an apparatus to develop reliable solidarity networks for victims of domestic abuse, drug abuse, and other ills that capitalism, white supremacy, and male chauvinism/patriarchy have brought upon us.




  • We are an anti-capitalist organization. Capitalism-imperialism is the root cause of our oppression and the societal ills within our communities. We seek the fundamental overthrow of the capitalist-imperialist system that destroys our communities both at home and abroad.




  • We are a revolutionary, working class feminist organization. There can be no liberation of the working class without liberation of women. There can be no liberation of women without the liberation of the working class. Working class women, especially black and brown women, hold up more than half the sky, and in the revolutionary movement, this is more so. We oppose, expose, combat, and fight all manifestations of male chauvinism and patriarchy within the movement and within society.




  • We are a revolutionary anti-fascist and anti-white supremacy organization. We recognize that the US is an imperialist prisonhouse that has enslaved New Afrikan (Black), Chicano, Puerto Rican, Hawaiian, indigenous, and countless other oppressed nationalities and whose crimes all over the world, particularly in Asia and Latin America, have driven countless immigrants whose homelands have been destroyed by Yankee imperialism, to this country where the working classes of these populations are ruthlessly and mercilessly exploited not only by the US imperialist system but by capitalists of their own national origin. We also recognize that fascism is a growing and real threat, has a base within the police and armed forces of the US, and must be combated on all sides through a vibrant and active mass movement, mass self-defense training, and within schools, workplaces, homes and neighborhoods on the national, state, local and neighborhood level. Fascism can only be defeated through a militant and revolutionary mass movement, a revolutionary party, and a people’s army. Not through liberal appeals to reason.


  1. We are a revolutionary organization in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community. Gender binary, along with its norms, expectations, and roles is a construction of a capitalist society, and has been used to oppress countless members of the proletariat. Attempts to control or belittle people based on their appearance, sexual preference, or aberration from the preconceived norms of a heterosexual male-female gender binary is bigotry and violence, and will not be tolerated. There can be no liberation of the working class without the liberation of its members’ identities and personal lifestyles. We fully assert the people’s right to self-identify in terms of their gender and sexual orientation, as well as the right to revise those identities as they see fit. We seek to create an inclusive society in which all are comfortable in their bodies, personal expression, and choice of partners.



  • We are a working class internationalist organization. We stand in solidarity with the people of the Philippines, Cuba, Venezuela, Syria, and countless other places around the world that are suffering under the boot of American imperialism. Furthermore, we struggle against our own country’s imperialism to provide relief and support to our comrades overseas.